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The Angels Saga

The Callodyn and Kayella Saga
Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly
Copyright 6178 SC


'Callodyn and Kayella'
31,223 HY
5,914 SC
'You know, Kayella. I wish you were split 6 different ways so I could have six times the fun. Really, I think you are that hot, babe.'
Kayella looked at her twin - the ultimate dork. 'Yeh, Cal, you would say that. Typical for your insanity.'
'Aww, go easy ok. I was only joking. Having a bit of fun.'
'So what the Fugg would you do with six of me then?'
'Yeh, well probably a lot of that.'
'I beg your pardon. What was that?'
'Mmm. Well, go on. What would you do with six of me?'
'Oh, I don't know. Sing songs with you. Perhaps the six of you could form a band. Call yourselves 'Kayella' and be the biggest girl band of all eternity.'
'What happens if someone leaves the band? Huh? What would you do then?'
'Another band and the other girl can go solo.'
'Mmm. Well what if another girl leaves the band? What then?'
'Uh. They release a new album. It will still sell forever anyway.'
'Forever, huh?'
'Yeh, Forever.'
Kayella smiled. Callodyn was her twin, he was the absolute king of dorks of the universe, but she loved him anyway.
'Six Kayellas. I mean, more of you to love. I could have a girl every day of the week and rest on the Sabbath.'
'The Sabbath? Oh, yeh, Saturday. And who is your Saturday girl?'
'Mmm. Fugg it, Georgia. She'll do. She'll be my rest day Saturday girl?'
'But she isn't your twin?'
'No, I just hang around with her on Saturday. Talk crap and the usual stuff.'
'No hanky panky?'
'Not on your life. Zac would be pissed.'
'Yeh, he probably would be. Well, okay then. Now that we have started becoming human I will pray to God that he makes me six separate girls on earth. How about that?'
Callodyn looked shocked, not sure what to say.
'You were serious, weren't you?'
'Uh, yeh, I guess.'
'Then it is settled. Kayella shall be six divine maidens, forever on from that point onwards. One for each day of the week, with Georgia on your rest day. It should give me plenty of time to get some women's work done, as I will only have to concentrate on you a sixth of the time.'
'Or is that a seventh?'
The End

Callodyn and Kayella II

'Presenting - KAYELLA!!!' Said Callodyn, and fished out the rare CD. Old Spice herself, Madonna, the 5 Spice Girls, and indeed the 7th member, Georgia, 777th female Cherubim of the Realm of Eternity, in the rare and hard to find girlgroup CD 'Kayella', which Kayella had not seen in a lifetime of lifetime of lifetimes.
'Jesus bloody Christ!' she swore, as Daniel handed her the CD. 'Now where the hell did you get this from?'
'Down in the basement,' responded Callodyn.
'We have a basement?' asked Kayella surprised.
'Oh believe me, Callophon has a basement. Several actually. Its were I store ancient stuff. Collectable and rare stuff mostly, and other mementos. Only now will I tell you, though. You must swear privacy on the issue.'
'Ok,' said Kayella softly,' and touched her twin on the arm and looked at him seriously. 'I swear sweetie.' Callodyn touched her hand, and momentarily looked in her eyes. Enough said.

'We have 77 sub basements, about the size of Callophon itself. There are a few other places I have stuff as well, but we needn't worry about that for now.'
'What have you got hidden?' she asked, returning to her women's magazine.
'Old stuff,' he said, sitting down next to her on the couch. 'It might surprise you, but I haven't really lost anything, you know. Things you might have assumed I no longer have, I really still do have actually. Just stored away. Preserved for eternity. God, actually.'
She turned to him after a moment's silence. 'God actually what?'
'God. Likes to look at my stuff. I keep it in quiet solitude, hidden away, were no other prying eyes can look at it and affect its spiritual history. God asked me once, keep some things aside, put away in a private place. He loves us, of course, and likes to think over these things.'
She touched him again, and smiled warmly.
'Shall we put it on?' he asked her.
'Sure,' she said.

And as the Kayella CD played all afternoon, Callodyn and Kayella bopped away, happy enough, lost in their own little world.

The End

Callodyn and Kayella III

Kayella was in a frightful mood. Her panties were split. That wasn't so bad, but her tights were split as well. And in the most embarrassing of places. She was at a dance rehearsal for a new video clip for an ancient song of hers, and she shimmied over to Callodyn and said 'Get me home, dork. Pronto.'
'Your clutching at your crotch,' he replied, puffing on a ciggie.
'Get me home, idiot. NOW!'
'Hold your horses, ok. What's the problem?'
She moved her hands slightly, but quickly replaced them. 'Don't give me that bloody grin,' said Kayella. 'And you have seen it before, so get that second grin off of your deviant face.'
'Sure sweetie,' he replied.
As they drove through the streets of Rothera in Antarctica, Callodyn happily listening to another win by his favourite Antarctican Rugby League side, the Ice Wolves, he said something funny.
'I split my pants once, you know.'
'Really,' she replied.
'I didn't have undies on,' he said.
'Oh,' she replied, and chuckled a little.
'The room was full of men,' he said.
'Oh, then that's ok,' she said.
'They were all gay men,' he replied.
She turned to him, a big smile on her face. 'What happened.'
'I got propositioned,' he said.
'That's not too bad,' she replied.
'17 TIMES!' he exclaimed.
She was starting to laugh. 'And where was this then?'
'About 20 years ago. At a gathering of Ambriel's ballet friends.'
'Oh, that's right,' she said, remembering Ambriel's current penchant for the same sex.
'It was a night to forget,' he said grimly.
'Did you get lucky?' she asked him.
'Kayella,' he said in that voice.
'Did you hit a hole in one?' she asked him again, a grin on her face.
'Kayella, that's enough.'
'Did your little soldier go through a tour of duty?' she said, and was starting to laugh hysterically.
'Jesus,' he swore.
'Oh, Jesus was there,' and then he couldn't help but laugh too.

Later that evening, after they had retired for the evening, Callodyn was in an amorous mood. 'My little soldier needs a fresh tour of duty.'
She smirked.
'He's been off at the wars fighting the Brown Eyed Monsters, and he needs a little feminine relief.'
She rolled over on her side. 'Do you love me?' she asked him, a big smile on her face.
But he jumped on her, spread her legs, and as he began that motion which Kayella knew oh so well, she said, 'Brave, brave little soldier. I'm sure Ambriel is completely jealous.'
And as he thrust away, all he could say was 'You bitch.'

The End

Callodyn and Kayella IV

'Rocking with Dokken, are you?' asked Kayella.
'In my dreams, your still the same, babe,' said Callodyn, looking at her from the couch of his North Pole apartment in Eternya, his earphones on.
'Let's go to Antarctica and watch some Ice Wolves games,' she said.
'Our place?' he asked. She nodded.

They were on a train, of all things, travelling outwards to their home in Antarctica in Eternya. The North pole was the central aspect of the Great Eternal Terran Plane of Eternya, and then the world surrounded it of the traditional earthly nations but, as a rim, running all around that, was the Antarctican continent, and then the remainder of Eternya, with endless growing nations, especially of worlds created in the great fantasy epics with their maps and cultures and ways of life.

Callodyn and Kayella had always agreed that Antarctica would be their ultimate resting place together, and Callodyn found himself, these days, drawing closer and closer to his twin. He saw Taylor and Katy often, but it was his weird old twin, with her stubborn feminist pride, which had ultimately captured his soul. He loved her, now. Really, he probably always had, but it had come to be. Callodyn had accepted his twin.

The Ice Wolves were a Rugby League side and, while Callodyn was eternally loyal to his Bulldogs in the Australian competition, he also followed the Hull Kingston Rovers and Hull FC from the British league, and had fallen in love with the Ice Wolves in the Antarctican competition when they had moved there together for the first time. That was an Antarctica in the Realm of Eternity, but the team was everywhere now, like most of the established leagues.

'Go the Wolves!' shouted Kayella at the team in Green, White and Black.
'They should win,' said Callodyn, who had been following the ladder closely that season. 'They need this match to sure up their final's hopes,' he said.
'This is what we do,' said Kayella.
Callodyn looked at her. 'What do you mean?'
'Eternity. I know we have done so much, and there is so much more ahead, but this is it. One of the things we do. The routine we have. Ice Wolves matches.'
'If you insist,' said Calloydn smiling warmly at her, then suddenly shot to his feet and cheered as an Ice Wolf made a line break and ran all the way to score.

Later on, after Callodyn had bought a poster of one of his favourite players from a giftshop in the stadium, Kayella suggested they get a drink at the small cafe at the ground.
'We won,' said Calloydn smiling.
'Yes, We did,' said Kayella, smiling warmly at him.
Callodyn looked at her. The smile - it was - different. Very warm. Very loving.'
'You love me, don't you,' he said softly.
'You should know, idiot,' she said.
He took her hands. 'I'll like that Taylor girl forever, you know. And that Katy one. You can't expect them not to be part of it.'
'I don't,' she said. 'But I own you, buster. Don't forget that.'
He held her hand, and pressed it hard.

True love. Sometimes it happened.

Even at Ice Wolves Rugby League matches, in Antarctica, in the Great Eternal Terran Plane of Eternya. Even there.

The End

Callodyn and Kayella V: Never

'You know, I'll never understand you Callodyn.'
Kayella was in a thoughtful mood. The lights had been dimmed, and Callodyn was sitting in front of the television set, watching the A Team repeats on channel 667, his current favourite, and, upon hearing Kayella's word, turned and smiled.
'Why would you. Your a woman.'
'Oh, I think I understand that sarcastic streak alright. I have known Mr Daly manifold eternities, and his masculinism, while admirable in, say, Lucifer, I would have indeed thought is beneath the likes of such an esteemed (saying esteemed with the subtlety of experience) personage as yourself.'
'You know,' he began. 'I have always thought Lucifer quite effeminate in some ways.'
'I know that contradictory spirit as well,' she quipped.
'Yep, old Lucy. Quite a babe, I suppose.'
'I know that continuity of arrogance, quite indeed, Mr Daly.'
He looked at her with one of those looks.
'Yes, and that look.'
'Think you have worked me out then, do you?'
'Are you about to offer a devious sexuality?' she asked him.
He looked at her with that look again.
'Mother always told me I would have problems with Protestants.'
'Humph,' she replied.
He had her, and moved in for attack.
'What was that denomination again.'
'Catholicism,' she quickly replied.
'Yep, a good old southern baptist from memory.'
'No, Catholic,' she replied. 'Definitely Catholic.'
He looked at her. 'You know, Kayella, if you wanted me to surprise you, how about this. I remember this time, when I was young, living in Cooma. I was living at 6 Bradley street, and had noticed that Michael Werle, from my year at St Pats, was playing in the neighbours yard, over the back fence. That was Damien Asanovsci and possibly Peter Dradrach. I had never been friendly with people, I was shy, but for about the first time in my life in a serious way I wanted to make friends.'
'What happened?' she asked.
'I started going to the arcade, and met Damien Asanovsci and Peter Dradrach, and we became very close friends.'
'Why? Why is that surprising?'
'Because who is in control of that?' he asked her.
She thought about that. 'Providence, I suppose.'
'God, in other words.'
'Maybe,' she said.
'And there you have it. You lack faith.'
She thought on that.
'Ok then. Smarty pants. God gave you the friends you wanted.'
'So there is my point. Don't expect me to be original forever, anyway, but why do you think you have worked me out?'
'Your confusing,' she stated with intelligence. 'You changed what you were going to say.'
'What was I going to say?'
'So there is my point. So God is in control. So I only do what God has me do anyway.'
'Then why didn't I say that?'
She thought on that.
'And do you want to outsmart me? Perhaps this is just the battle of the sexes you constantly are trying to win,' he said.
'We never quit.'
'You already lost. Read early Genesis.'
She looked at him. 'Fundamentalist,' she said.
'Woman,' he replied, and returned to watching the TV.

She left the room and sat out in the kitchen for a while, thinking over that.

She came back in.
'So, God is in control.'
'You confuse me,' he responded.
'Your not that smart,' she replied.
'I go slow,' he responded. 'But I have excellent data files.'
'Pride is not a virtue, from memory,' she replied.
'Which is why they are up to scratch, researched regularly, and accurate. Tough shit,' he replied.
She looked at him. And then a voice whispered to her. 'Well he doesn't lie about it.'

She left the room, got a can of Coca Cola, and came in and set next to him.
'Your sweet,' she said, taking his hand.
'Your a babe. Oh, get me a coke, would you.'
She handed him hers and went of and got another for herself.
'Kelly spit. Awesome stuff,' he replied, and drank the can anyway.
She sat next to him, and started watching the A Team.
'Asshole,' she said softly after a while.
'Bitch,' he replied, again after a moment.
She took his hand again.
'We should have another kid,' she said.
'We'll call him B A Baracus Daly,' he said.
'Why is that?' she asked him.
'Coz I pity the fool,' responded Daniel.
She smiled. 'Tell me another A Team joke, Danny.'
'There were 3 crooks, in prison,' he began. But she lost interest as he waffled on, and fell asleep.

That night she dreamed. Daniel came to her, handsome, wearing a soldier's uniform.
'My maiden has earned a brownie point,' he said, and awarded her a golden star with a 1 on it.
'Thanks,' she replied.
'But it's just 1 brownie point. I don't think I've seen the best of you yet, my dear lady.'
'Daniel, Daniel, Daniel,' she replied.

And then the dream changed. And she was chasing dragons.

And soon chasing rainbows.

The End

Callodyn and Kayella VI: Experience

'You know Daniel. You really are intriguing for, after many long years of observation, and careful note taking, I, Kayella, a mere female mind you, have noticed things,' said Kayella on the couch of their current address at 29 Merriman Crescent in a Macarthur of Eternya.
Daniel, sitting at the desk typing, turned to look at her. 'A mere female?'
She smiled innocently at him. 'Why, I am indeed just the meeker gender, dear Daniel. We women understand our place in the world. A man rules, right. I am sure early genesis affirms such - divine - truths.'
He looked at her carefully for a moment. 'I need a coke. And a shit,' he said.
She smiled at him. 'Yes, master,' she replied.
He looked at her, again very carefully. She was improving.

When he had had his stated shit, he had returned with his can of cold Coca Cola, and sat down next to her.
'I knew this fella once,' he began.
'Oh, do go on,' she replied. 'Another informative dialouge of Danielic knowledge is to die for,' she said, eyes fixed firmly on his in undoubtable sincerity.
'Yeh,' he said after a moments hesitation. 'Just a second. I need to call David.'
'Kind David?' she inquired. 'Your hanging with him these days, aren't you?'
'Uh, yeh,' he responded.

Kayella, innocently mind you, was listening in.
'And then she said......' said Daniel, but stopped and turned to look at Kayella.
'I think I'll just go in the other room for a sec,' he said.
Kayella smiled softly to herself.

Daniel soon returned.
'Counsel, of sorts?' she softly queried.
'Just advice. Uh, on a technical issue,' he replied.
'I'm sure it was,' she replied.

'Yep,' he said, and looked at her, and then picked up his can of Coca Cola, turned on the TV and started watching the A Team.

Kayella looked at him briefly, and then snuggled up against him watching the A Team.
He noticed her. He noticed her twice. He noticed her thrice. And then, gingerly, he picked up the remote control and turned off the TV.

'Yep, well. This bloke, he was observant. But that's another story. Go on with what you were going to say.'
'Are you really sure? You honestly don't mind?' she asked, again those eyes wide open.
'You have observed things,' he said, waving his hand on to continue.

She paused, and looked at him. Difficult stuff, this bit.
'Oh, never mind,' she said.
He looked at her. 'Righty O,' and picked up the remote, turned back on the A Team, and enjoyed his Coca Cola.
'Getcha next time,' she finally said, very, very, VERY, softly under her breath.
He did in fact notice.

The End

Callodyn and Kayella VII: Beautiful Disaster

'You know, Kay. There are many things written in this world. Many wise things, many things - not so wise. And at the end of a lifetimes long study one may ask oneself, now what am I to make of all of that?'
Kayella looked up from the kitchen bench were she was preparing the nightly meal at Daniel standing in the doorway. 'Your point?' she asked him.
'In a lovegame, nobody really wins. Because if one side wins, and the other loses, then, really both lose. Both lose.'
She nodded, and continued cutting up the carrots.
'How would you like your carrots?' she asked him.
'Glazed. With honey,' he said.
'Then that is what you shall have,' she replied softly.
And then Callodyn came over, and touched her shoulder softly, and kissed her forehead. 'Thank you. Sweetie,' he said, in the gentlest and purest voice Kayella had ever heard from her twin.

And then he was off, back to the other room, watching 'Jackass volume 45', yet again, and Kayella could only sigh and sigh and sigh.

The End

Callodyn and Kayella VIII: Competitive Behaviours

'Ice wolves are on TV,' said Callodyn to Kayella.
She came in from the kitchen and sat down next to Callodyn. 'Who are they playing?'
'Rothera Randicoots,' said Callodyn.
'Sounds great,' she said, and snuggled up next to him.
After a while Kayella began speaking. 'You know, men amuse me.'
He looked at her. 'Men amuse you? If I could tell you how many trillions of times each year men are perplexed and baffled by female logic, you wouldn't be bragging against us so much.'
'Be that as it may,' continued Kayella unperturbed. 'Men amuse me. Your glories, for example, football. 13 brave men, lining up against each other, to knock the living shit out of each other, for the claiming of a little leather ball in a patch of grass for 'Points'.
Daniel smiled.
'Or Golf for example. I don't know, you could be out building a boat or mowing the lawn or something practical, but no, every saturday, off you go, and hit a tiny little ball all around a glorified back yard for the boast of who has the best aim. And, gosh, is it taken seriously. Tiger Woods for example. Endless books on the swinging style of Tiger Woods.'
'There's a lot to say on the swinging style of Tiger Woods,' grinned Daniel.
'Shut up Daniel. Your being disgusting. Yet, I shall go on. Darts. It must be crucial to life to hit that triple 20. Can't cope with a 10 or a 4 or something, in humility. No, all the time triple 20. How about just playing for fun, in a more natural way. Nooooo. Ego male has to have maximum points EVERY BLOODY TIME!'
'It's a competition,' moaned Daniel. 'It's the whole point of the sport. Like test cricket. Its a testing time for both teams, were they try it out against each other.'
'For what purpose?' asked Kayella wide eyed.
'To bring out the best in us. To challenge us to improve and become better in things like athleticism and coordination and physical capability. But come on, sis. Women compete at these things just as much as men these days.'
'Be that as it may,' continued Kayella, 'It was men who began wars, and these competitions are only a closeted way of those hostilities continuing. You guys haven't changed at all.'
Daniel looked at her with an 'Are you serious?' look, but, frustrated, turned to the TV.
'Well, I know one thing women started,' said Callodyn.
'What?' she asked momentarily.
'Nagging,' replied Callodyn.
'Mmm,' said Kayella, and said nothing more.

Time passed.

'It was probably men who started nagging,' she suddenly burst out saying. 'Nagging us for sex.'
'Which you never give us,' said Callodyn under his breath.
'Why would we. Your all beasts, and you only want one thing.'
'Which we never get,' he said softly again.
She turned to him, and decided to take issue. Well. Ok. I suppose we are hard to get. But we're worth it.
'Moderately,' replied Daniel grinning.
'Moderately!' exclaimed Kayella.
'Come on,' said Callodyn. 'Half of you need 12 tonnes of makeup before a bloke will even think of having a go. And when you hit 50 and those breasts start sagging, well, what can I say?'
'My breasts have never sagged,' said Kayella. 'And that's life on earth anyway.'
'Humph,' said Callodyn. 'Not anymore. Rules changed recently. God abolished the guarantee on eternal life for new citizens. They have to earn it now. I've seen women, out there, now. Who age. And, yeh, some saggy tits as well.'
'Oh, yeh. Yes that's right. But that's hardly fair, Danny. We can't help our appearance.'
'No, I suppose not,' replied Callodyn. 'I mean, take you for examples. Maybe 4, 5 out 10. 6 on a good day.'
'Charmed,' she responded.
'I mean, you doll up ok, when the foundation and every bloody blush known to womankind is applied. So, like I said. Your not all worth that much effort in the end. And we probably nag you for sex out of instinct. Procreative instinct.'
'Maybe,' she replied.
'GO THE WOLVES!' yelled Callodyn suddenly, as a linebreak was made, and the Ice Wolves halfback streaked away and scored.
'Fight on brave warrior,' she said to him sarcastically, in a british knightly accent.
'I think that was actually 3 out of 10, in reflection,' he quickly replied.
'Ooh, Ooh,' she repeated. 'Well I guess you won't be wanting any for a while, then.'
'You'd need a ton of makeup for me to like it anyway,' he said sharply.
'Well, I'm not wearing any makeup. How do I look?' she asked him.
He turned to her. She looked, in fact, stunning. He reached out, touched her cheek, and smiled at her. And then he said 'Could you go get me a can of ice cold Coke, babe. I would really appreciate that.'
'Right,' said Kayella knowingly. Such a male, she thought to herself, as she headed off to the kitchen to retrieve the said can of ice cold coke for her lord and loving master.

The End

Callodyn and Kayella IX: Who is Callodyn of Eternity?
'Callodyn. When you became human, were was your spirit?'
'Ah, the angel I am remained in heaven, I do believe,' replied Daniel. 'The spirit of my human manifestation. The Angelic of me never really left heaven, but remaineth forever. I mean, it's my higher mind, my divine heavenly mind. Our spirits talk all the time.'
'So who are you?' asked Kayella.
'Well, me personally, pretty much Daniel Daly, but my spirit mind is the angel Callodyn.'
'Well I am Kelly Clarkson and my spirit mind is angel Kayella.'
'Sound's about right.'
'Do you ever wonder what our spirits were doing in heaven when we were incarnated on earth?'
'Partying it up, I suppose,' replied Callodyn.
'Seriously devoted to guiding us through a lot of difficulties if you must know,' replied Kayella. 'I know this. The theophany has made that abundantly clear. Wolfgang has made this abundantly clear. He is God's incarnation, and he is a real person, who sort of pre-existed as a manifestation anyway. The Old Wolf.'
'I remember him,' said Callodyn.
'You retain your angelic mind, as you always have. But it was in heaven when you were on earth,' she said.
'Fascinating,' he replied.
'Do you know who Logos is?' she asked him.
'Certainly do,' he replied.
'His name is not Jesus. In fact, he isn't Jesus, you know. They were melded into one, and felt as one, but to start with Logos and Jesus were their own people. You know, Jesus comes forth born from the child of Heaven Jesus. He is procreation of an incarnation. He comes from the essence of Jesus of Heaven.'
'Right,' said Callodyn.
'And do you know who your procreated from?'
'Hey, we're firstborns,' he replied.
'Hardly. Just our memories. They are all older than us you dingbat. Metatron is his oldest boy. Before us in the heart of God. Way back further. There was Metatron. Not his first idea for a son, who was Michael of Eternity, but Metatron was the first life son he brought into existence in his heart. He preceded us by a long way.'
'There you go,' said Callodyn.
'Did you know that you are a procreated incarnation as well?'
'Of who?' he asked.
'Of Daniel the Seraphim,' she replied. 'And he is a procreated incarnation as well. Of Daniel the Child of Heaven. You are way down the line, buddy.'
'Well praise the Lord, babe,' he grinned.
'So don't get too cocky, buddy. 'Because to humble you further, because your father on earth, Daniel Daly Cherubim 347 is a procreated incarnation of yourself. So your dad is your son.'
'I'm having flashes of a superman movie,' said Callodyn. 'I am Jor El,' he said.
'Yep. Definitely not Kal El,' she smiled.
'Yep. And Russell Crowe played Jor El in one of them.'
'Your point?' she asked.
'Well, he's Noah,' he said. 'So Haven Noahide Fellowship forever.'
Kayella looked at Daniel. 'Bite me, Noah.'
'Amen,' he replied.

A while later.
'Then who the heck is Callodyn the Extraordinary, child of heaven?'
'And idiot,' replied Kayella.
'Whose twin is the lovely Mandy.'
'Oh, you remember. You sort of were involved for a while.'
'Yep. That's right,' he said. 'Callodyn the Extraordinary.'
'Some say your really the incarnation of Samael of heaven,' she said tartly.
'The oldest devil,' he replied proudly.
'Definitely,' she responded.
'Why not Satan himself?'
'Oh, he has redeeming qualities. Can't find any in you buddy.'
'No redeeming qualities. Mmm.'
'I remember challenging the punk,' she said. 'Satan. Thought he was the bees knees after earthly years. Early in in the Realm after the millennium. Paramount dictator of the universe.'
'He still hangs out at Paramount tower, you know,' said Callodyn.
'I know. I still owe the punk a lesson or two.'
'This is more like the Kayella I know. Full of passion. Hard headed bitch who has no idea who she is or was. Fresh, intense, and ready to take on the world. That's the Kayella I fell in love with.'
'You fell in love with your ego,' she responded.
'I know, I know. It's a very fine ego. Well established and admired by all. But nay, sweetie. It is thou who ruleth my affections.'
'And Mandy,' she said.
'Yes. And Mandy.'
'And Taylor,' she said.
'Yes. And Taylor,' he responded.
'And Luladiel,' she said.
'Yep,' he replied.
'And Aquamarine,' she said.
'How do you know about her?'
'And Rebecca Roshentay, or something like that as well.'
'How the hell do you know about Rebecca?'
Kayella stared at him. 'And I know quite a few of the others as well, you know buddy. Don't think I'm not informed after all this time. Believe me, I know the others. Especially this Jenny Gilmore chick you fancy.'
'Leave Jenny out of this. Daniel Seraphim likes her, really.'
'You both do,' she replied.
'Aw, she's a Dalgety babe,' he said.
'Here we go,' said Kayella.
'Original Capital of Australia, you know. They held Parliament there for the first few centuries.'
'Is that a fact?' she asked.
'Yep. She comes from a proud line of Dalgety Prime Ministers. I've met some of them.'
'Whose history book was this again?'
'Untold Monaro Tales. By Ruth McFadden,' he replied. 'Follow the Bible Code approach and use the book and you find Australia's lost history of the, uh, lost years,' he replied.
'I remember when Miami was capital of America,' she said.
'Really,' he said.
'It's in the untold tales of go fuck yourself dickhead.'
'Kayella' he said.
'Yes,' she replied.
'You'll have to get me the ISBN code on that one.'
'Don't worry. I'll finish the book later on in the week,' she smiled.
'You do that,' he said. And softly said 'Bitch.'
She patted him on the back, and returned to the kitchen for cooking the night's meal.
'Bastard,' she said softly from the kitchen.
Daniel smiled softly, and picked up the remote. He put on the A Team.
'Boys with toys,' came a soft chuckle from the Kitchen. Daniel was not happy with that. He made a plan.

'You know, I recall the actual procreative incarnation you came from, now, from memory.'
'I'm original,' she said hotly.
'Yeh. Yeh, I remember now. Balaam's Ass. It was Balaams Ass. It spoke as well. A speaking ass. What do you know.'
She grinned a little. 'Well that makes two in the family then.''
'You betcha,' he said.
She came around from the kitchen, stood up and looked into his eyes. 'Kiss me, Ass,' she said.
He looked magically into her eyes, took her by the shoulders, and said. 'Love to. But 'I'm not into bestiality.' And sailed off to the couch to watch the rest of the A Team.

A little while later.
'Hee haww,' came a subtle mock from the kitchen.
'Were is Mr Ed when you need him,' said Callodyn soberly to himself, as the A Team got the Jazz, and finished off another day's fine adventure.

The End
Callodyn and Kayella X: Dawn of the 'Torah Brigade'
'You know, it really is a kinda pathetic name,' said Callodyn. 'Christforce. Sounds like a dodgy pentecostal power movement which has 3 pages of doctrine and not much else.'
'Very funny,' replied Kayella.
'I mean, come on. Christforce? What the hell where they thinking?'
'At least they are tackling real problems in the universe. They are very polite and spread a message of love.'
'Same old game as his dad's,' replied Callodyn. 'This second lamb is hardly original.'
'Second lamb?' she asked him.
'It's what they now call him. The second lamb of God. Supposedly the 'Second Book of Revelation' has been written by the Apostle John, prophesying future events.'
'Seriously?' she asked him.
'I have it on order online. Should be here in a few days.'
'Fascinating,' she replied.
'Oh, I've read that already,' said Loquiel, looking at the two of them from the couch. 'Similar to the first work in many ways. Different stylings of beasts, and not quite as heavy mind you, but he's got new ideas. And the second lamb shall be involved in the 'Great Confrontation' which will 'Shatter his soul,' which they call the second slaying.'
Callodyn looked at Loquiel. 'Really? Sounds very interesting indeed. I'll look forward to my copy.'
'Why don't you join Christforce,' said Kayella to Callodyn.
'Too busy,' replied Callodyn. 'Not a Christian either. Nor a Saruvim.'
'He'll join Torah Brigade instead,' asserted Loquiel the Seraphim confidently. 'Ambriel has already asked me to join. Wants all the Seraphim on the team, and the Cherubim if he can get them.'
'What the heck is Torah Brigade?' asked Callodyn.
'Seraphim Desdrael's idea. Match Starpower and Christforce. The elite of the elite, though. Desdrael plans on being the best in the business.'
'You've joined it?' asked Kayella.
'Certainly. Something to do, you know. Oh, I'm happy at Zaphon. Been there forever now, you know. Organising activities for the Zaphon Tower community. But a change would be good.'
'Torah Brigade,' said Callodyn to himself.
'I don't like that look,' said Kayella. 'It's not good when Callodyn has that look. Means a brain cell is finally at work.'
'Shaddup,' said Callodyn, and returned to his thinking.
'Could be an exciting change,' said Loquiel. 'A reboot for those of us who get involved. A fresh start.'
'Fascinating,' replied Kayella. 'But leave Callodyn out of it. Him and Daniel will think they are the elite of the elite of the elite.'
'Of the elite,' finished Callodyn smiling.
'In your dreams,' smirked Kayella.
'Yep, in my dreams,' replied Callodyn, whose mind had suddenly become full of them.

The End

Callodyn and Kayella XI: Sweet & Sour
They were having Chinese - food.
'You know, they have been doing studies,' said Callodyn, greedily devouring fried pork chops.
'I'm sure they have,' responded Kayella, and belched to get her food down.
'Slow down sweetie. Your not eating the Titanic.' Callodyn looked at the large pile of Chinese grub Kayella had piled up on her plate. 'Then again, maybe you are.'
'Shaddup,' she replied, and belched again. 'You were saying?'
'Oh. Yeah,' said Callodyn, wondering if his twin would eat everything on her plate. 'They've been doing studies. On people and the food they eat and their personalities. And they have found some amazing connections.'
'How so?' asked Kayella, and started on her 5th spring roll.
'Take your diet, for example. Mostly bland these days. This chinese is like the first in, what? A century or something?'
'Something like that,' she replied.
'But Kayella usually eats raw beans and corn, practically sterile non-fat bread, and milk so fat reduced its practically water.'
'After endless aeons of weight issues, never again buddie,' she replied, sauce dripping from the side of her mouth.
'Yep. A completely bland diet,' said Callodyn.
'As bland as possible,' replied Kelly.
'Right,' said Daniel. 'And that is were it is kind of interesting. You see, they have found this link in personality types and food consumption. Sweet personalities tend to like sugary and sweet foods. Like chocolate and donuts and so forth. And the funny thing is, if a person has a somewhat sour disposition, they tend to like lemons and tart foods quite a bit.'
Kelly paused and looked at him, the slightest worry of a frown emerging on her forehead.
'Of course, if its a very conservative or basic diet,' continued Callodyn. 'How shall I put it? Oh, I know. A bland diet. Then the logic dictated......' he trailed off.
'What?' she asked, mouth agape.
'Just saying,' replied Callodyn , and picked up the TV remote and turned on the A Team.
Kelly looked at Callodyn for a moment, and then put down her plate.
Softly, she cuddled up next to her Callodyn, and watched the A Team with him.
Moments passed.
'I'll eat normal again soon,' she said softly.
Callodyn put his arm around her and held her tight.
'Eat what you want. I love you anyway.'
And she heard his words, and watched the A Team, and everything was right in the world. Everything was right.
The End

Callodyn & Kayella XII: Charity Time

'Come on,' said Ambriel. 'It's charity time kids. Out we go, spreading the message of God's love, and with hands open wide to feed the poor, we spread the love of God and fulfil our holy mitzvah of charity.'
Callodyn looked at the turnout at 'Ambriels Grand Redemption of the Lost and Struggling' event, advertized internationally, and well known all over the region of Eternya they were currently in. 'Great turnout bro,' said Callodyn. '3 souls. You, me and Kayella.'
Ambriel looked at Callodyn. 'Daniel and Valandriel are running the other venue cross city. They say they have a good turnout. At least 5 or 6. But that's all we need. Cheer up, bro. Out we go to the mission field.'
'Wonderful,' responded Callodyn dryly.
They knocked on doors to begin with - Jehovah's witness style. It began the same way. 'Do you need the love of Jehovah?' Too many doors slammed that morning that Ambriel got what Callodyn called 'The fucking point.'
'Well, I have the soup van ready. We now find the poor and hungry.'
'Radendya has a comprehensive welfare system,' responded Callodyn. 'They have official public servants who find people on the streets and treat them for what is usual mental illnesses of various kinds. There isn't really any poverty here any more.'
'Then we share the good news of God's love,' said Ambriel, now inspired by that great news.
'Religion is strong here,' replied Callodyn.
'Yep, very,' said Kayella. 'The 7 Divine Fellowships have a stronghold in this region ironically. Dan's doing great here.'
'There's even a Messianic Ministries chapter on the southside,' said Callodyn, regarding Ambriel's own ministry.
'Grreeaat',' said Ambriel, a little nonplussed. 'Then, uh, what do we do?'
'We go home, put on the A Team, and get the hell over it. The issues were addressed by Eternya a long time ago, bro.'
Ambriel looked defeated.
'You can give me some hot soup,' said Kayella, smiling at Ambriel. He handed her a cup of hot soup. 'Cheers,' she responded, and sipped on the quite tasty chicken noodle soup.
'Time to go home. The war was won a long time ago,' said Callodyn.
And Ambriel sighed, and worried once more were the theophany had disappeared to, but remembered the love and grace and mercy of God in this new world which had it all worked out now, and came home with Callodyn and Kayella, and enjoyed the A Team, and sighed at an age long heart finally having won its mission.

The End

Callodyn and Kayella XIII: True Love
'You know, Callie. I do love you,' said Kelly, the angel Kayella.
'Humph. You walked out on me. Said our starsigns were incompatible, and that Luladiel, who is a Scorpio-Rat just like myself is all that I would ever be happy with. So much for love,' he replied, as he sat at the desk of their home in Eternya at the North Pole, the flat which they shared and liked to live in together.
'It doesn't mean I don't love you,' responded Kayella the Callophim, for while they were indeed Cherubim angels, they also were part of a special class called 'The Callophim' which was reserved for the two of them and their offspring. 'Anyway, what are you doing?' she asked, as she looked over his shoulder. He had a stamp album opened, with some ancient earth stamps in it.
'Hey. They are ancient,' she said. 'From the first epoch of life on earth. When it all began. I recognize them,' said Kayella.
'I have ALL my stuff,' said Callodyn proudly. 'Kept it all forever. At Callophon, deep down in the earth, there are sublevels upon sublevels of accumulated possessions from my eras of life. I haven't parted with a damn thing, no matter the offers I have had. Just like Daniel, and Valandriel for a long time now as well. It's the pact of stability we formed as a tryptych once. Oh, Cherubim Daniel Daly sold us the idea, so he is just like that as well.'
Kayella looked at the stamps. 'Uh, do you have any of my old stuff? I sort of normally move with the times, you know. If I need an old book or something, I just buy it again.'
'Eternya prayer is not cheap, dear sister, and it has cost me an eternity of service and cash to afford all my things, and you expect me to look out for you as well?'
'Oh, just wondering,' said Kayella.
'Humph,' said Callodyn.
'They're nice stamps,' she said, and disappeared off to the kitchen.

Later on, when she was watching replays of the recent winter olympics on TV, Callodyn came in and sat down next to her. 'I keep just a few things here. I don't like to have them out of storage normally, but these few I keep in my personal safe, and I thought, if you promise to keep it forever and ever and ever, and bloody mean it, you can have it back.' He handed her a copy of 'Stronger' on CD - the album, not the single. It was the original.
'Fuck,' she swore, for the first time in a long time. 'Where the hell did you get that?'
'I owned a few copies. Yes, I actually collected you on earth before we even met each other all over again. Probably instinct in some ways, but you were also a popular pop act, winning the Idol thing. I have a couple of copies, and you can have this one if you promise to never, ever, for all eternity, part with it. And swear black and blue.'
She looked at him, deep into his eyes, and said. 'Ok. I'll wear your eternity ring, and I will keep it forever. But not for marriage, but eternal friendship. I won't betray that. You will have to work for more if you want more. If you want True Love.'
He handed her the CD, and as they sat back listening to the album which she put on their stereo, she slid herself into his strong arms, and sighed. An ancient thing lost, restored. Which had been kept forever.
Oh what hidden joy you were Callodyn the Cherubim, thought Kayella the Callophim. Oh what hidden joy.
The End
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Morning Stars
Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly
(c) 2000 - 2010 CE / 6164 - 6174 SC

Before the beginning God planned. He planned something special, something new, something he had not done before. He planned to create.

For all eternity he had been alone. Throughout that span he had done nothing - there was nothing or no one else for him to interact with. Instead he had simply existed, and in that existence he had perfect peace. He knew himself, understood himself and rested in perfect harmony with himself. However within his mind dwelt infinity, and throughout eternity he contemplated infinity.

At some point in those contemplations something new came to him - it came to him as his mind investigated the concept of mathematics. Concepts had no tangible substance yet existed in the mind, and mathematics was one of the concepts that God delighted in. Its axioms were true - its laws complete and absolute, and within this concept something new came to him as he thought of the basic building blocks of mathematics in relation to himself.

He existed as one - there was no one with him. However within the laws of mathematics one and one made two. That is where the idea was born. What if there existed besides himself something else, something more than the God who was one. His infinite mind considered the possibilities - 'what else could exist apart from him? How would it come into existence? What would it be like?' And that is where the plan began.

Part One


Chapter One - Michael of Eternity

Awareness. The first thing that Michael could remember was awareness. Before then he had not existed, and from that point on he had. But his very first memories were simply of being aware of his own existence. What he now called light came very soon afterwards. And as that light flooded over him he began to perceive something within it. Something which he had no words at the time to describe, but which he now sang to and praised as the Glory of God.

Within that Glory Michael had felt goodness and love. And something else - a force. A force that at once was filled with infinite peace and gentleness yet, at the same time, strong and powerful beyond imagining. It was then that Michael learned to fear God.

In those early times, everything was new. God, he soon found out, was his creator. And more than that, his Father and teacher. God taught him many things, but mostly about the plan that he had. Soon he had what God called his brothers and sisters. They were like him in many ways, and different in many others. Each was unique. Each had their own thoughts, plans and, from what God had told him, their own destiny. Michael had his own destiny as well - one that continually unfolded as he lived out his life.
At 10 years of age, Michael had been alone. Not yet had there come forth any other of the Seraphim community - the Seraphim being his angelic brothers and sisters. God had been his companion and friend - his teacher, mentor and father. God did share with him that he would one day have family - and that family would come into being on the day of Michael's 12th birthday. His Father had shared with him the name for what would be his new brother - Gabriel. Michael liked the name. It was different to his and sounded original.

He, as he usually had done in the previous 10 years, spent most of his time exploring the world. His father had called it 'The Realm of Eternity'. He had also called it by a specific name, Zaphora, which he had asked Michael not to share with the brothers and sisters to come until a much later date.

Michael had been born in the 'Garden of Zaphora'. The Garden was the place where Michael ate most of the food that he needed to live on. All sorts of fruits and vegetables grew in the Garden. The Dwarrow fruit was quite tasty. Michael also particularly enjoyed the 'Melit' fruit, which was very light and refreshing. It was also very easy to squish down and drink, like water, so Michael had called the juice of the Melit fruit 'Melit Water'.

In the Garden were special trees as well. The tree Michael was most cautious about was the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. His father had warned him not to partake of the fruit of this tree. 'Not until you are of mature age and mind do I want you to partake of that fruit. If you do in fact partake of the fruit before that time, you may find ideas in your mind, thoughts which may challenge you - thoughts which, my dear son, you may not in fact like at all.'

Michael had trusted his Father and taken him at his word. At the age of 7, having understood the concept of years by that time, he had decided in his mind that for at least 1000 years he would not partake of the fruit. After that, though, he may consider it. He would ask his Father's permission then - but then, and only then.

The other fruit which his Father asked him to partake of every birthday was the 'tree of life'. Simply by eating this fruit his Father had said he granted him ongoing life. He had told him that he did not have to eat the fruit if he did not want to - that he would not force that upon him. But he had also said that, after a long and great time, if Michael failed to eventually eat of the fruit, he would in fact die. Michael did not really understand what 'death' was supposed to mean, however his father had explained that the fruits and vegetables that his son had in fact eaten were, in a way, now dead. 'In the life I gave them, they no longer exist. However this was always my intent. For you my son, if you fail to partake of the tree of life for a long and great time, you will eventually meet their fate. This choice, though, is in your hands. Over that choice you are sovereign.' His Father had gone on to explain that in their youth, the community of what would be his Seraphim brothers and sisters were to partake of the fruit every new year, which was Michael's birthday. But, at a later date, depending on the way certain things developed, which his Father would not share with him, they would only really need to partake of the fruit every century. And eventually, once they had built up enough of their own spirit, only once every millennia.

Michael had queried wether this would go on forever, the time increasing between how often they would need to partake of the fruit. His father had spoken to him very seriously then, and told him that, eventually, once every million years would likely suffice. To go beyond that, into great numbers, he had explained that he did not think that his children would be able to eventually cope with the things life threw at them. But he did have one thing to say which had frightened Michael in a way. 'It is possible, my son, to live without ever partaking of the fruit after a certain point in time. But you will have to be well trained and strong in the reality - the principle - of life. And all that is contained therein. If you actually sought that, and persisted passionately, vibrantly and with an eternal commitment - you perhaps could achieve this truth - this reality. But the fruit I have given is designed and intended to make it easier to live, without you having to struggle to that type of existence under your own strength. The fruit will be there eternally. It will always be available, and should you ever be struggling in a decision to go your own way, which I do not disapprove of, but advise caution, you are always most welcome to partake of the fruit. It is a gift of life I have provided for you. It has no cost, nor ever will - except that, in a sense, there is a cost in partaking of the fruit for your spirit. And that cost is your pride.'

* * * * *

He sat in front of the Sellawon, the name he had given to the river, watching it cascade along in its merry trill of life and love. He was 11 now, but it was the cold time of the year, and he was shivering occasionally, watching the river flow along and noticing some frozen ice by the edge of the river. Naturally he preferred summer and in winter usually stayed in the safety of the garden which seemed somewhat warmer than the rest of Zaphora at that time of the year, something Michael was unable to explain. Lunch time was approaching soon and he would likely go off looking for food, even flying to the garden if necessary. He usually came to the Sellawon every day to drink water, but often would just make do on the melit water which was a close approximation. But he had to cleanse his body every now and then and he somehow knew that only pure river water could cleanse it for the best. He stood up from the bank and walked down, picking up a stick, and sat at the edge of the river. He poked the stick into the ice, making holes, gradually making one big hole. It was entertaining enough, and he had done it often enough, but it made him happy and gave him something to do. He was feeling a little thirsty not having drunk today, so got down on his stomach and drank the ice cold water from the hole. Half an hour later, his body starting to shiver, he knew it was time to make his way back to the garden. He needed shelter from the cold and he had now drunk enough.

Landing back at the garden which was near the middle of Zaphora, he gradually made his way towards his usual hang out place, grabbing some pieces of fruit as he walked along, munching on them happily. He sat down in the middle of his clearing, noticing the warmth instantly, and then lied down on his back, staring up at the sky. Life had been like this for as long as he could remember, ever since his birth, right here in this clearing. It was as if he had gradually become aware of himself and then, just as suddenly, embraced the love and power of his father. And then he had been here, in the clearing.

That had been over 11 years ago and now, as his 12th birthday approached, something he was greatly anticipating drew near - the birth of his first brother Gabriel. He did not really know what Gabriel would be like but his father assured him he would be like himself in many ways, but unique in many others. But he would indeed be his special brother. And then more after that, apparently, until a certain number had been reached. He did not know what that number would be, but waited patiently.

He slept a lot in his youth and dreamt strange dreams. Dreams of clouds turning all sorts of colours and mountains getting bigger and smaller and water fountains gushing from the tops of them, and then ice patterns would form in his dreams, going through an endless parade of strange shapes he did not recognize. They were some of his dreams but he had many types, all from his life here in Zaphora. He finished off eating the piece of fruit, thought about getting some Dwarrow, but decided against it. Maybe later on for dinner. Time for rocks, he thought to himself.

Rocks was a game he had invented in which he tossed rocks, one first, then two at a time and so on, into the air to see the biggest number he could throw up and then catch. His record was still five but he was sure he would get to six one day. It was just a matter of perseverance.

He picked up his collection of river rocks, all smooth, which he had collected from the Sellawon and began juggling a few of them first of all. And then he started his game. He threw the first rock up, making sure it went high enough to satisfy his own sense of rules for the game, and caught it easily. This was followed by two, which he again managed, and then three which he was lucky to get. But he failed at four which meant he had to start again.

He played rocks for quite a while, not managing to get past three that day, but it was fun to do and kept him busy. Soon, though, he would go to his fort and do some more work on it. Michael's fort was near the edge of the garden and made up of rocks and wood branches. It was his own little abode which he had started building at about 2 and it had gradually gotten bigger. It collapsed once when he was 7, but he had since rebuilt it.

Walking along to the fort on the southern side of the garden, he listened as the winter wind blew in the trees. Looking at the grey clouds in the sky he felt it might rain soon, and being in the fort would be a good idea if rain came today.

He arrived at the fort and looked it over. It was twice as tall as him, with two levels, and about a trees length across. Pretty impressive he thought to himself. He thought briefly about gathering some more rocks to work on the extension he had been planning, but noticing the droplets of rain starting, he quickly climbed inside the fort and raked same of his leaves over him. Listening to the rain as it hit the roof of the fort, some drops splashing on him, he was happy to be warm and safe inside his domain. It would be good to share this with Gabriel - to show him what he had built. They could have lots of fun and adventures together, he thought to himself. It would be great when his brother arrived. But for now he was alone, apart from his father who spoke to him often at nights, and snuggling down in the leaves as the rain pounded the roof of the tiny little hut, Michael was at peace and happy with everything in his beautiful little world.

* * * * *

He woke. The rain had stopped and it was late afternoon. Time for gathering some more rocks. He climbed out of the fort and looked it over. The extension he planned was on the southern side to make a permanent bedroom, one he wanted to make, if possible, full-proof from the rain. He had gathered all of the rocks in the immediate vicinity and often brought some from the Sellawon were many were to be found. But he decided to head a little south today and see if he could find any. He could only carry one big rock at a time, and it took him ages to collect all the rocks, but he had nothing else to do and really wanted to complete his fort. After walking for a while he spotted a small outcropping of some rocks and picking one up started flying back to the fort. He put the rock in the growing pile he had been working on and now flew back. He did this for a couple of hours, heaving over 2 dozen rocks, before finally getting hungry and going off looking for some Dwarrow. He found some in the garden, tore it open and started eating. It was a basic vegetable his father had told him, but it was good enough to eat.

He worked on his fort all the rest of that winter and the following spring as well and when he had finally completed the extension just a few days before his 12th birthday he knew he had something special to share with Gabriel.

As the day approached and it got to the evening before his 12th birthday, God spoke to him that night.
'DEAR SON. GABRIEL IS READY NOW. I HAVE TOLD HIM ALL ABOUT YOU AND HE REALLY WANTS TO MEET YOU. BE AT PEACE WITH YOUR NEW BROTHER.' Those words made Michael smile and while he tried to stay up all night to wait for his new brother, sleep eventually claimed him and he drifted of with dreams of rocks and dwarrow and climbing mountains.

* * * * *

"Come on Gab. Let's fly." They took off, headed from the Garden in the early morning light, racing one of their usual races each morning to the Sellawon. Usually, because he was still a bit bigger, despite Gabriel having grown a lot, Michael won. But occasionally Gabriel put in the extra effort and came first. Today was close though.

They flew quickly, keeping an eye on each other, lunging and diving when necessary and as they reached their destination Gabriel dived and just touched ground before Michael.

They were puffing and Michael patted his brother on the back and said 'Well done, Gab. You have done it again.'
'Thanks Mikie.'

And then, for the first time in his life, Michael was spoken to by his third brother, who had just appeared. 'So you two are Michael and Gabriel, huh?'
Michael turned, stunned and looked at the dark figure. 'Raphael?'
'You guessed it,' responded his new brother. Michael and Gabriel ran over, hugged Raphael and started smiling at him.
'I knew you were due soon,' said Michael. 'But God wouldn't give me the exact date.
'Well, here I am,' responded Raphael.

They played for the rest of the day and finally, after a long tour of the garden, all three went to sleep in Michael's fort. The children of destiny were starting to grow and soon, very soon, more would come forth.

* * * * *

'Go on. I dare you,' said Saruviel to Michael. The other 5 angels watched cautiously, wondering if Michael would take on the dare.
'But, with my wings tied I could fall and injure myself. It's too dangerous, Saruviel.'
'Someone's got to do it, Mikie. And you're the eldest.'
'Why does anyone have to do it at all?' asked Raguel.
'We need to set records. Soon the rest of the 70 will be here and we need bragging rights on them. Otherwise they will not respect the oldest 7 enough.'
'Does that matter?' asked Phanuel.
'7 is the key number,' responded Saruviel. 'The 7 Archangels of Glory. How about that.'
Michael conceded, allowed Uriel to finish tying his wings together, and started the climb to the top. They were near the top of Mt Zadar anyway, on a ledge, near the difficult part, and Saruviel had laid down the challenge. Michael had finally accepted, and it was on. Naturally, he made it. He'd had many years climbing and was good at it now, and when the others standing at the summit watched him get there they congratulated him.
'Well done, Michael,' said Saruviel. 'That is the standard firstborn needs to set.'
Michael nodded, breathing heavily, unsurprised by those words. They were so like the 7th angel, so like him, and the expectations on perfection he had of all of them. But he was not disappointed now, not really. He'd made it and indeed they would have bragging rights and, perhaps, as Saruviel claimed, a sense of authority. Only time would tell.

* * * * *

He was embarrassed. Daniel the Seraphim, 45th born of the male Seraphim of the Realm of Eternity, was most embarrassed. Meludiel had blushed strongly and pushed him away, telling him what he had done was not appropriate, and now he was embarrassed. Daniel had had a crush on Meludiel for so long now, as long as he could practically remember. And with Zaphon nearing completion he had found her doing some carving of the woodwork under Elenniel's tutelage, told her he liked her and kissed her quickly on the cheek, but she had quickly pulled back, almost in horror to his great disappointment. And now he was duly embarrassed.

Later on, at dinner, Meludiel had approached him to explain her perspective and told Daniel that she didn't feel that way towards him. Daniel had listened, ashamed, but understood then that she didn't love him. And he would have to accept that, which he had, but his heart still hurt. He hadn't won her, and probably never would, but that was part of life. And sitting on the grass at the northern edge of the nearly completed haven of eternity, Zaphon keep, Daniel looked up at heaven at father and said, 'Why is my heart as such, father? Why is my heart as such?'

* * * * *

Rocks. They played a lot of rocks. Michael loved that. Saruviel thought it was oh, so, bloody gay. Lame as hell. Gabriel didn't care.

But they were getting older, somewhat now, and life had changed. There were 140 of them. Seraphim of God. The firstborn children of God, and Father loved them. And the old man visited, once or twice, who looked weird. They didn't know who he was, but he had a long beard, as he called it, on his face. And he said he was the father of the torah, and that he loved them. But he didn't tell them his name, and then he was gone. But he visited occasionally, the old man, and said he loved them.

* * * * *

Meludiel was an intelligent angel, but Daniel had a huge crush on her anyway. Daniel was called the idiot amongs the Seraphim angels, but Ambriel always defended him. He wasn't stupid. He just had an uncommon habit of making a fool of himself. And then, when Zaphon was being built, he made a huge blunder with the girl who was his crush, Meludiel, and fretted for years afterwards.

'Get over it,' said Ariel, to her twin Daniel.
'Get over what?' asked Daniel.
'Get over Meludiel. You will only end up with me in the end anyway.'
'You wish,' said Daniel.
'No. Not really,' said Ariel. 'Of every single Seraphim brother of mine, you are 100% the last on the list, Believe me, the last buddy. Even that maniac Saruviel is preferable to a schmuck like you.'
'What's a schmuck?' asked Daniel.
Ariel looked guilty. 'Nothing. Michael and Gabriel use the word a little. Your just too stupid to know what it means.'
'I know,' said Daniel glumly, looking downwards.
Ariel took pity on her brother, looked at him with love, and sat down next to him.
'Look, silly. One day. It may be at the end of eternity, and knowing my luck probably will be. But one day, even doofus Daniel will grow up and start acting like a man.'
'What's a man?' asked Daniel naively.
'Brother,' said Ariel, looking away.

* * * * *

And then the old man showed up and talked with Gabriel. 'You have a long and winding destiny, son of mine. Watch Michael. You two are tragically competitive in the end. He will best you at every corner, in the end, if he can. He's like that. But, with maturity, you will grow to love each other.
'Yes, father,' said Gabriel instinctively.
And God smiled.

* * * * *

'Look, Daniel. Face it. In the end Ambriel will never budge from his beloved twin. As gay as that may be, Ambriel is just like that. His twin is his all. No matter what you say or do, she will always choose Ambriel in the end.'
Daniel refused to be consoled.
'So how about giving me a go, you know. Your sis. Your bestie. The only one who really, deep, deep, down, cares for you the most.'
She touched his hair, and stroked it, and she looked at him and loved him. He would grow up, one day. And he was a handsome angel. Good looking, and, despite his awkward youth, was very decent in his heart. A good soft heart. Meek. Like Ambriel, but different. A gentle man. And she would insult him forever, for he thoroughly deserved it, the faithless beast. But she would love him forever as well. Never tell him, though. But love him none-the-less.

* * * * *

Gabriel picked up the rock from Michael's desk. It was the victory rock when they had last had a competition, a long time ago.
'What are you doing with that?' asked Michael.
'Just looking,' said Gabriel.
'I won fair and square,' said Michael. 'And the century isn't up yet, so there is no new competition yet.'
'I know, I know,' said Gabriel, and put the rock down.

He sat in front of Michael's desk in Zaphon, the heart of eternity, the haven of eternity as it was known, and looked at his brother making notes about the work they were now doing. It had been recent, the building of Zaphon, only a few years earlier completed, and Michael was overseer of Zaphon, the number one guy, and ran things. And they used papyrus and quills with ink now, and had a growing library of scrolls, Brindabel running the library, and even scholars like Davriel, who seemed to know so much. Lastborn was really smart, everyone knew that. And Cimbrel - genius at numbers. Everyone knew that as well.

'You know. The old man. I think I know who he really is.'
'He's God,' said Michael.
'Yes,' said Gabriel surprised. 'How did you know?'
'We have been talking. Some of us about him. Davriel said it was probably God.
'Oh,' said Gabriel.
'Yep,' said Michael.
'I see.' Gabriel looked at the rock in his hand. They already knew. No great surprise.

When Gabriel left Michael thought on it. The old man. Well. Probably God. But when he came the second time, he looked different. Quite different. The hair was shorter, and he looked - less old. Less wrinkled. But, in the end, they had no real proof. It was God. Or it was just the old man. Just an old man. Just an old man.

And later that same year the old man came one last time, and said to them.
'I love you, children of mine. But I must go now. For you must grow up, and trials are coming very soon. But I will be there - forever. Your heart will always remember. You, though, will forget me in time. Not long from now. I will be gone from you, but I will return one day, though it will be as if you had never known me before anyway. But I will always be there, watching, loving you. Dear Children. Dear, dear Children of Destiny.'

And the old man went, then, and, indeed, in time he went from their memories, and was just an old man in there hearts, comforting them in their dreams, which vanished when the night was gone.

* * * * *

Michael, sitting his room one fine day in eternity, was contemplating some strategies in Chulara, which was also known as Katchular - or by the fuller name of Katchulara.

A knock came to the door, and he went to answer it. Elenniel, his twin sister, stood there. 'Michael. We need to speak.' He let her in and they sat down in his bed. She looked at him. 'Michael. Do you love me?' He looked at her, and looked down at his lap, thinking on his answer. He looked at her again, 'Yes, sister. I do.' She asked once more. 'Do you love me. Do you love me in that special way you love no other sister?' He thought on his answer, and in honesty knew he could respond in the way she perhaps desired. 'Yes Elenniel. I do.' She looked at him, kissed him on the forehead, and left.

He smiled, a slight smile and returning to his thinking of strategy for chulara, decided to go to visit the rim for some quite space to think. To think on Chulara and, perhaps, other thoughts which had just entered his head.

Coming down the stairwell and turning to walk along the corridor, a voice hailed him.
'Michael, where are you going?'
Michael turned towards the familiar voice. It was Ambriel, of course. 'Nowhere special, Ambriel.'
When Ambriel saw that his question was unlikely to be answered any further, he persisted. 'Perhaps you may not think it special, but may I know where it is anyway?' Michael looked at him and smiled. 'Well, if you must know, I am going to the rim.'
A perplexed look came over Ambriel's face.
'The rim! Why would you want to go to the rim? There's nothing there.'
'I know Ambriel, I know.' He paused before speaking further. 'I guess I go there for a number of reasons. I like it there, and it gives me time to think. But I suppose I mainly go there to be alone for a while.'
'Oh,' Ambriel replied, slightly taken aback, 'I guess you probably wouldn't want any company then, would you?' Michael considered his response before answering. He could tell him no, that he wanted to be alone, as he did. But something in his heart told him that if Ambriel really wanted to come along with him, then he should let him. 'Well I usually go to the rim to be alone, but if you want to come along you may.' Ambriel's face brightened. 'Are you sure it's alright? You really don't mind?'
'No, it's ok. Come on then.' Michael turned and started walking down the corridor, Ambriel following alongside.

They came to the bottom of the keep and exited via the large entrance. The rim was some distance from Zaphon, the place they knew as home.
Michael turned to Ambriel and said, 'Are you ready?'
'Yes', he replied. They both then unfurled their wings and took to the sky. Angels flew with grace and ease, and although the rim was a fair distance by foot, flying would not take them too long. As he flew, Michael looked over the golden landscape spread out below him. Close to home there were various gardens filled with all sorts of wonderful flora, but these disappeared the further they went out, to be replaced by large meadows and rolling hills. Here and there were occasional buildings, which some of his brethren stayed in from time to time.

After a while the hills gave way to larger mountains, a sign to Michael that they were getting near their destination. Shortly he spotted the edge of the mountains where they gave way to the rim. He waved to Ambriel, signalling that they should descend. Ambriel nodded consent and they started their way down. They landed near the summit of one of the smaller mountains and looked around to get their perspective.
'Come on', Michael said to Ambriel. He pointed towards the edge of the mountain, 'The rim is just over there.'

The rim was, in essence, the edge of eternity. Beyond it lay a great expanse of nothingness - a complete void. To his Father it was the uncreated - a place where he had not yet done any work. To Michael it was simply the rim. When he was younger, Michael had flown off the edge to see how far he could go. To his great surprise he was only able to fly a few metres beyond the edge. After that, while he was still flying and felt like he was moving forward, he simply did not seem to be going anywhere. Apparently there was nowhere else for him to go. Nothing existed beyond a certain point except a great realm of emptiness. Today there would be no such foolishness. Michael walked over towards the rim and sat down, legs dangling over the edge. Ambriel soon came and joined him.

After sitting there for a long while and looking out at the nothingness, Ambriel spoke up.
'I don't think I have ever been to this part of the rim before. Is it a place you come to often?'
'No, not really', Michael replied. 'In fact, I don't think that I have been to this exact spot ever before.' The silence resumed. Michael continued staring out at the emptiness, his mind going over recent events. Before coming to the rim he had been in his room planning strategies for Katchular. Katchular was a strategic game played with a mat and many different coloured markers. The object was to trap the opponent's markers and eliminate them from the game one by one. Michael was good at the game, and had devised many different strategies for winning. One of the reasons for him wanting to come to the rim that day was to think about some new strategies he had been working on. For a long time he had been the best player at the game amongst his brethren, but recently Saruviel had started to improve greatly. He had even beaten Michael on a few recent occasions. Michael's gameplan was usually built around a strong defence. When he had a strong position he would gradually attack outwards and wear down his opponents. Saruviel, however, was quite different. He would attack relentlessly - ruthlessly even. Michael had to acknowledge that the general strategy seemed to work, and had thought about using some of Saruviel's moves in his own game. Michael glanced towards Ambriel and considered him. Ambriel rarely played Katchular. When he did he was usually beaten quite soundly. Perhaps that discouraged him from playing; however Michael didn't think it was that simple. Ambriel was a gentle, peaceful fellow. He did not seem to like contests or competitions that much - they seemed somehow to go against his nature, or so Michael thought. That didn't surprise Michael. Ever since he had known him, Ambriel had been like that.

'Michael,' Ambriel spoke up, interrupting Michael's thoughts. 'Do you ever wonder how Father made us?' Michael found the question a little puzzling.
'How he made us? Well, I guess I've never really thought about it that much. Thinking about it I suppose he just willed us into existence or something like that. I couldn't say for sure. Why do you ask?' 'Well', he replied a little hesitantly, 'I was speaking to Saruviel a little while ago and he asked me the same question. I didn't know what to tell him, so I thought that I would ask you'.
'Oh. Well, perhaps you should tell him to ask Father. That would be the easiest way to find out.'
'Yes, I guess you're right. It probably would be.'

Ambriel paused a little, before speaking on.
'Yes', he replied.
'Have you noticed anything different about Saruviel recently?'
Michael looked straight at him. 'Different? What do you mean? He seems the same to me.'
'Well', Ambriel replied, 'I guess you haven't noticed, but recently Saruviel doesn't seem to be getting as involved with things at home as he used to. He is sometimes absent when assembly is called, and he doesn't come to many of the other gatherings. He seems to be keeping company mainly with Daraqel and Kantriel but few others.'
'No, I guess I hadn't noticed that', Michael said. 'Have you talked to him about it?' Does he have a reason for his absences?'
'Oh no, I haven't talked to him about it. Really, it is just something that I have noticed recently and I was just concerned, that's all. I thought I would talk to someone else about it first to see if anyone else had noticed.' Michael thought on that briefly before continuing. 'Well, perhaps Saruviel is just going through some changes. I remember that when I was younger and speaking with Father, he said that there would come a time in my life when I would go through many changes. He said that as I grew older I would mature, and that change would be part of my life, and with time I should learn to accept that. I may be wrong, but perhaps Saruviel is simply going through some changes at the moment and he may just need some time to himself to get used to those changes. That may be the reason for his absences and him keeping to himself. I could not say for sure, though.'
Ambriel looked at Michael for a moment as if considering what he had said and then turned and looked out towards the rim. 'Yes, I guess it could be that. Maybe he is just going through some changes, as you say, and needs time to himself. Perhaps that is all it is'. Ambriel left off speaking and continued staring out at the rim.
Michael looked at him for a while, then turned his gaze likewise towards the rim. That was just like Ambriel, to be concerned about others, Michael thought to himself. It was something that Michael admired about him.

His thoughts, however, quickly turned to that of Saruviel. Michael had not really noticed anything different about Saruviel recently, but he could honestly say that he had not been paying a great deal of attention. As head of the assembly, Michael had many duties, which often kept him occupied for hours at a time. He didn't always have the time to concern himself with the everyday affairs of his fellow brethren. It was not that he only had little interest in them; it was not that at all. It was just that his duties kept him busy for the majority of the time, and in his free time he usually liked to do his own thing.

Perhaps that was something he would have to look at. His responsibilities were important to him and he enjoyed doing them. As firstborn of the assembly it was his right and responsibility to be the head and set an example for his brethren. However, if those responsibilities caused him to neglect his friendships and relationships with his brethren, friendships and relationships that were fundamental to his life, then perhaps he would have to think again about how he handled them. 'Was he really as involved with his brothers as he should be?' he questioned himself. He always attended assembly and most of the gatherings, and at those times he would speak with many of his brethren. However, if he had really been taking an interest, why hadn't he noticed Saruviel's absences? 'Perhaps I should speak to Father and ask his advice', he thought to himself. It was a way in which Michael handled many of his difficulties. 'If there is any problem, he will be able to help me.'

After having sat there for a lone while pondering the various happenings in his life, Michael turned his attention towards the sky. The afternoon was fading fast and night was approaching. Throughout the realm of eternity, as his Father had called it, there were divisions in time that he had called day and night. Day was the time when things were light and colourful. It was a time for activity. A time when work was undertaken and gatherings took place. A time that Michael enjoyed a great deal. However, when the day's activities were done, darkness would descend. His Father had said that a period of rest was necessary. A time to be recovered and to be refreshed. Work could not go on indefinitely. There needed to be a time of sleep, as he had called it, after which the activities could begin again, with a renewed strength.

Michael turned towards Ambriel. "It's getting late. We should probably be making our way back.'
Ambriel nodded his consent 'Yes, I guess you are right. I have enjoyed myself though. I think I am beginning to understand why you like coming here. It is very quiet, and the rim does have a sort of attraction to it, doesn't it?'
Michael smiled, 'You've noticed. I don't know what it is about this place, but it seems to help me focus my thoughts. A good place to think.' Michael stood up and stretched himself. 'Anyway, it's getting late, and I am a little hungry. Are you ready to go?'
'Yes', Ambriel replied. 'Let's go'.
Michael turned away from the rim and took to the sky.
As they flew along, Michael thought on the afternoon he had just spent. He hadn't really come up with any new strategies for Katchular, but that didn't really bother him. Ambriel had been good company, and had raised an issue that Michael felt important. All things considered, an afternoon well spent.

As they got closer to home, Michael could make out the lights of Zaphon in the distance. Zaphon, or eternity's haven as it was also called, was the place Michael knew as home. Thinking back, he remembered the time of it being built. Originally, when he was very young, he and his brethren had lived in a garden environment. The garden provided all they needed to eat and afforded many places for recreation and rest. However, after time had passed and more of his brethren had come into being, his Father had said it was necessary to build a more appropriate place for them to live and dwell in - a place which they could truly call home.

Building that home had been a valuable learning experience for Michael. Father had placed him in charge of the project and given him the essential idea of what he had in mind. Bringing that plan to completion was Michael's responsibility. Before any of the work had taken place, however, Father had first taught the angels how it might be accomplished. He had given them instruction in how tools could be made, that were then used for cutting down wood and quarrying stone, which would be the materials used for the construction of the keep.

Countless days passed in the building of the keep, far too many for Michael to remember them all. But as it progressed and neared completion, Michael had felt a growing sense of satisfaction. Satisfaction at achieving something worthwhile. When the project was finally complete, there had been a great celebration. Working together, the angels had achieved something. They had built themselves a home. Those days were, of course, long ago. But Michael always felt happy in reminiscing about them.

As they both neared Zaphon Michael signalled that they should descend. Ambriel obliged and they started circling downwards. Once grounded, Michael waved to Ambriel, 'It looks like dinner will be upon us shortly. I am going to go clean up a little. I will see you there?' 'For sure,' replied Ambriel. 'After that flight I am feeling quite hungry,' Ambriel patted his stomach, 'and my belly is starting to make strange noises.'
Michael laughed shaking his head a little, and then turned and started making his way up the steps of the keep.

After cleaning himself up with the wash basin in his room, Michael put on a clean tunic, and started making his way towards the diner hall. As he made his way along the upper hallway of the keep where the dorms were, his attention turned to the workmanship along the walls and ceiling. The construction that he and his brethren had done in the building of the keep had indeed been good work. The stone bricks and the woodwork fitted together perfectly, and it would likely be many millennia before any of it needed replacing. He particularly admired some of the engravings that Elenniel had carved into the walls. She was very talented at her craft, and all sorts of elaborate figures, shapes and designs were carved into the stonework and woodwork that ran along the halls of the keep.

Every now and again Michael would visit Elenniel at her workshop located north of Zaphon. She spent much of her time there carving and engraving in both wood and stone, and Michael enjoyed spending time with her inspecting her latest work. He actually liked spending time with her regardless. She was a quiet angel and did not speak very much. But when she did speak, it was obvious her words were carefully chosen. She often challenged Michael to think about things in a different light - to consider viewing things from a different perspective. It was a quality that he liked about her and something he tried to put into practice for himself. Taking one last look at some of the designs, he turned and started making his way down the stairwell to the bottom floor.

* * * * *

The dinner hall was alive with chatter as he came through the large doorways, a hush soon descending though, as his presence became known. He smiled and nodded at some of his brethren in his immediate vicinity and gradually made his way towards the table at the head of the room. Michael sat at the head table in the dining hall - one of the privileges of his birthright. Fortunately, he had come just in time, as he eyed a dinner trolley being wheeled in from the side doorway. Michael took his seat and glanced around. The room appeared near full. It seemed that most of his brethren were in attendance that night. It was not always as such. Often, many of the angels were away, staying at some of the smaller keeps located around the realm. It was usually only on special occasions that most were in attendance at Zaphon.

Michael turned his attention to the angel seated opposite him. 'Yes Jerahmeel,' he replied.
'It would seem that you are almost late for dinner. That's not like you,' said Jerahmeel.
'Yes, I do apologise' replied Michael. 'Ambriel and I had spent the afternoon away from the keep. Time perhaps got away from us a little. Anyway, most of the brethren appear to be here this evening. Is there some event that I am not aware of?'
Jerahmeel looked around the room. 'Yes, the room does appear near full. But to answer your question, no, there is no special event that I am aware of.' Jerahmeel looked at him, a slight grin on his face. 'Perhaps a bout of homesickness has overcome some of them.'
Michael laughed. 'Yes, I am sure that's it.'

His attention turned towards the angel seated next to Jerahmeel. 'Sariel. It is good to see you. I haven't seen you at dinner for a while. Is there some special reason for you being with us tonight?'
'It is good to see you as well Michael,' Sariel replied. 'Actually yes, I think I can tell you why there are so many of us here this evening. Gabriel has requested our presence. He came to see me, and many others, this afternoon and asked if I would come along tonight.' 'Oh,' said Michael, his curiosity aroused. 'Did he give you some reason?'
'Only that he missed us, and would appreciate it if we came tonight. He may have some other reason, but he did not share that with me.' Sariel's attention turned towards an angel who had made her way to the side of their table and was about to start serving. 'Dinner is upon us brothers.'

After making his way through a plate of steamed vegetables and baked langwah, Michael turned his attention back to Sariel. 'So you say Gabriel asked you here tonight.'
Sariel nodded.
'I wonder if he has an announcement to make?' queried Michael.
Sariel smiled. 'I wouldn't know, Michael. I took what he said at face value. Simply that he missed us and would appreciate our company for dinner.'
'Oh well,' replied Michael. 'I guess if he does have an announcement to make he will speak up shortly. Sariel, I was wondering ....' began Michael, but before he could speak any further, a tinging noise was being made over to his left.

Heads turned to see Gabriel standing, tapping on a glass with a fork to gain the attention that was now focused on him. Gabriel looked around the room at his brethren. 'Brothers, Sisters. I am glad that you could all make it this evening. On such short notice I am very grateful that so many of you were able to attend. Firstly, I would like to thank Shannel, Muriel and Kaladel for the excellent meal they have prepared for us this evening. The langwah is the best that I have had in a long time.' Gabriel nodded towards the cooking staff seated at the side of the room. 'A very fine meal Shannel. You have outdone yourself.'
Shannel, Zaphon's head cook, smiled back. She was used to receiving compliments from Gabriel, but always received them graciously.

Gabriel resumed speaking. 'Now Brothers, Sisters. As some of you may already suspect, I have not called this gathering tonight for no reason. Although it is always a delight to see you all together, there is something I wish to discuss with you.' Gabriel paused, preparing for his next words. 'We have all known each other for a long time now.' Gabriel looked towards Michael, nodding in his direction. 'Michael, of course, is our eldest, and he has known each of us from our birth. All in all, Father has brought to life 140 of us, 70 male and 70 female. We are the Angelic Seraphim. Children of God and Father's precious delight. Father has given us this realm of eternity to live in, and Zaphon, the place we know as home.' He paused again to add emphasis to his following words. 'As many of you know, I speak with him often, and recently he has begun to tell me of plans that he has made.' Gabriel paused briefly. 'Plans to start creating again.' A buzz quickly started around the room.
Michael looked at Gabriel in astonishment. 'Creating!' he mouthed to himself silently, startled at the announcement. 'Creating?' He is going to start working again?'

Gabriel started tapping on his glass again to silence the chatter. 'Yes, I know the news may come as a shock to some of you. But let me first say that it has always been his intent to continue working at some time in the future. We and the realm that we live in are the first of his works, that is true. But he has told me quite firmly that the time is approaching when he will soon start his creative works again. He has not told me when this will happen, only that it will be soon.'

Matrel who was seated near the back of the room stood up and waved to get Gabriel's attention. 'But why would he want to create again? Is he not satisfied with us? With our realm? Is there something wrong with us that he would want to create all over again?' His words seemed to echo some of the concerns of the other angels present.
'Please, Matrel. Let me assure you that that is most definitely not the case. Father loves us - dearly. He often tells me how proud he is of each of you, and with the way that you are living your lives. This new creative endeavour that he plans in no way threatens what he has already done. He has assured me strongly that it will only enhance our lives. But please, hear Davriel. Father has given some words to him to share with us.'

Davriel who was seated next to Gabriel stood up and started speaking. 'Brother, Sisters. let me first repeat Gabriel's assurances in saying that this new work will only enhance what he has already created. Now, what he intends doing is simple. As some of you may know, the realm we live in stretches from Zaphon our home at the centre of the realm outwards, a distance of approximately 50,000 cubits to the rim. And the realm is roughly circular in shape. Father has told me that he intends extending that distance to the rim outwards, from 50,000 cubits to,' Davriel paused and looked around to add emphasis to the words that he was about to speak, 'to 5,000,000 cubits!' The buzz in the room seemed to increase a notch with that announcement. 'Furthermore, and this is perhaps the most exciting news of all. While we Seraphim are the firstborn of his children, it is his intent that we are to no longer be alone. Stating it simply, Father intends to add to us more brothers and sisters. To bring forth more members of the Assembly of God. And from what Father has told myself and Gabriel, they are to be vast in number.' With those words said, the chatter around the room reached a new level. Davriel, satisfied that his words had been received and understood, returned to his seat.

Michael sat for a long moment staring towards Gabriel and Davriel, and then turned his attention back towards Jerahmeel. 'Well', he said after a while, 'how about that!'

* * * * *

Later on, as dinner had ended and most of his brethren had retired for the evening, Michael made his way out of the dinner hall towards the lounge, where he had a hunch Gabriel would be. He found him seated on one of the lounges deep in conversation with Davriel. Michael sat down opposite him, and waited until he had their attention. After a short while Gabriel stopped speaking with Davriel and turned towards Michael. Sensing Michael's mood, Gabriel put his hand up, as if to stop Michael from speaking. 'Yes, I think I know what you are going to say. Why were you not told sooner?'
Michael looked at him sharply, a slight edge in his voice. 'Well, yes Gabriel. With news like this I really should have been made aware of it before you had shared it with any of the others. As firstborn it is my right to know about things like this as soon as they are known.' He paused before continuing. 'How long have you known that Father was planning to do this?'
'I understand your concerns Michael, I really do.' Gabriel replied. 'I had thought about sharing this with you as soon as I found out. But Father asked me not to. He simply said it would be better to share it with all the brethren at the same time. And that includes yourself. Only me and Davriel had known about it before tonight.'
Michael persisted, 'And how long had you known about it?'
Gabriel gave him a look belying his frustration at Michael's persistence. 'You don't give up, do you? Well, to tell you the truth, I first got an idea that this might be on his mind a few months ago. Father had not said anything definite, but he had perhaps dropped some hints that had given me the idea. But officially he told me three weeks ago.'
'Three weeks!' exclaimed Michael. 'Three weeks!' he repeated for emphasis. 'And you have waited until now before sharing this with us? Why such a long wait?' 'Well,' Gabriel began cautiously, sensing Michael's disapproval. 'Father felt that the time was not right to share it with all the brethren immediately. My belief is that he wanted to see how Davriel and myself handled the news before sharing it with anyone else. As you can probably understand, I was a little unsettled at first. But he has assured me that he knows exactly what he is doing, which of course he does.'
Seemingly satisfied with that response, the tension in Michael's voice diminished somewhat. 'Well, I guess if that is how he wanted the news delivered, then it was probably the right way.'
'Yes, I think so,' Gabriel replied.
Michael smiled. 'You know, when I think about it, I guess I should have known that this would happen eventually. I was at the rim this afternoon with Ambriel. Looking out I remembered something that Father had told me when I was much younger. He said that the rim was the edge of eternity. That it marked the boundary between the created and the uncreated - between our realm and a place where he had not yet done any work. I guess the possibility was always there that he would work again one day. And I guess that day has come.'
Gabriel pondered those words. 'To tell you the truth, I had never really thought about it. I don't really go to the rim very often. It just seems like the edge of our realm to me. But, yes. It is where he will do his further work.'
Michael motioned to Davriel, 'You said that there would be more brothers and sisters. More like us. I had thought that the number of Seraphim was complete. After all this time is he to add more brethren to our fold?'
Davriel considered his words carefully before replying. 'Yes, it is as you say. The number of Seraphim is complete. Father told me quite clearly that our number will not be added to.' Davriel glanced towards Gabriel before continuing. 'As we said in the dining room earlier, Father has not yet shared all of his plans for our new brethren with us. All I can really say is that they will be like us in many ways, but that they will not be identical. They will not be Seraphim.'
'Not Seraphim,' Michael said. 'Then what? Will they be angels like us?'
Gabriel answered for Davriel. 'I am afraid that we really can not answer that question Michael. That is about the limit of our knowledge on the subject. But it is as Davriel has said. They will be like us in many ways, but not identical. However Father has said quite clearly that they will be our brethren. And that is all we know.'
'Mmm. Well then,' Michael said, and looked at them for a short while before continuing, 'It would seem then that our lives are about to change quite dramatically. But if this is what Father has planned then it would be best if we got used to the idea.'
'Indeed,' Gabriel replied. Michael looked down at the ground, in thought, 'I think it would be best if both of you made yourselves generally available over the next few days. I am sure that all of our brethren will be wanting to ask you many questions, especially those who were not at dinner tonight.'
'Certainly.' Gabriel replied.
'Yes, of course' said Davriel.
'Good'. Michael said, 'and I do appreciate the way that you broke this news this evening. It was handled well.' 'Thanks,' Gabriel replied.

Michael looked at them a short while, seemingly satisfied with what had been said. 'Well, if you two will excuse me, it is getting late and it has been a long day. A long eventful day. And I have much to think about.' 'Yes, it has,' Gabriel replied. 'I will see you tomorrow, Michael. Good night.'
'Yes, good night,' echoed Davriel. Michael nodded at them smiling, and made his way out of the lounge.

As he made his way along the lower hallway towards the stairwell leading up to the dormitories, a voice hailed him from behind. He turned to see Ambriel standing there, a big grin on his face.
'Michael, isn't this news amazing. We are to have new brethren!'
'Yes,' Michael replied. He could tell from the way that Ambriel was smiling that the news had gone well with him. Although he had fears for the way many of his brethren would receive the news, fears that they would feel threatened in their position, it was obvious that there would be no such problems with Ambriel.

'Yes,' he continued. 'It looks as if Father has decided that we are ready to be added to. Our family is to grow Ambriel.'
'Yes,' he replied. 'I can hardly wait. Do you think ...', Ambriel began.
Michael put his hands up to stop him from continuing. 'Please Ambriel. It has been a long day, and I am tired. I am sure your questions can wait until tomorrow.'
'Oh. Oh, of course,' said Ambriel, slightly taken aback. 'Yes, they can wait. Well, good night then Michael.' 'Good night Ambriel.' Ambriel smiled at him and then turned and walked away. Michael watched him briefly and the turned and started making his way towards the stairwell and up to his room.

Taking a small candle from a cache underneath a torch that was burning along the upper hallway, Michael lit it and entered his room. He sat down on his bed and placed the candle in the lamp that was on the table alongside his bed. With the lamp lit, he replaced it on the table, and sat back down on his bed. His thoughts were all over the place. As he changed from his dinner tunic into a sleeping gown, Michael wondered in his heart about how these new events would really affect life in Zaphon. He was now quite used to his life, and the little change that usually went along with it. Oh, there had always been new things. New events and occurrences which changed life somewhat. From the new inventions such as the lamp he used that lit up his room, to the various celebrations, and the new songs to be sung in choir. But these things never really changed the routine in Zaphon very much. Life went on as usual and lives were lived. However, now that Father was to begin work again, change was coming. And not minor change, but change that would alter the very way that they lived their lives. Michael was not sure if he was ready for such a change. He liked things as they were now. But if Father indeed wanted to begin working again, then he knew he should be in favour of it, even if his heart was not ready.

'Perhaps I need to be more like Ambriel,' he thought to himself. 'He is looking forward to it.' That was perhaps a strength in Ambriel that Michael didn't have. It seemed that Ambriel could accept change quite well. But perhaps the real reason for Ambriel's apparent joy, or so Michael suspected, was the announcement that Father would bring to life more brothers and sisters. Ambriel valued his friendships with his brethren a great deal, and now that there would be more of them, that only afforded him more opportunities to gain new friends and make new relationships. But whatever the reason for Ambriel's reaction to the news, it was the positive example that he had set that Michael knew that he should try to emulate in some way. He was the firstborn and the head of the Assembly. He needed to be in agreement with this new direction that Father planned to take them in, to be wholehearted about it. And he needed his brethren to know that. Perhaps both for their sake and his. As he lay on his bed staring up at the ceiling, he wondered if that really would be the case. 'Time will only tell,' he thought to himself, as he closed his eyes and searched for sleep.